Partical effects remain after spawns rot and Nodes do not spawn if nobody is present


Partical effects are remaining long after spawns decaying if looted they do disappear but if left to rot they remain untils either next spawn group happens or nodes actually get looted.

Checked 3 areas that are consistant with this Circle of swords Shattered springs oblisk and east of Oasis near den.

I think we have another problem if you arnt at spawns when time to spawn they don’t spawn at all I have checked spots I know they normally spawn and all I am seeing is partical effect and no nodes and this is less than minute from my base and nobody else was on to loot them. Also Tasha said on another post they are supposed to stay 20 minutes but only last 2 IF they spawn at all. Now if you are standing next to spawn spot they will spawn as scheduled but if nobody close they don’t. This seems confirmed by servermates they see in distance but when arrive nothing there but partical effects.


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