Parts of base decaying without warning

Hi all! I have a problem in single player and want to know if someone knows the solution.

On single player I have a base with yamatai dlc (seekers of the dawn). Every day I log in I find items decayed, sometimes if I’m lucky, the lootbag is still there. The decay always happens in the exact same places… now it wasn’t that annoying before, cause it was just a crude planter or some decorative items. But yesterday I’ve built a ceiling for a maproom on pillars. Today I’ve found the maproom gone… event log says it has lost its stability along with one piece of fence I’ve built on the ceiling. Now there are plenty other fences there and the pillars and ceiling are in perfect condition too.

It maybe helpful to share that all of these events happened on an upper floor, which stands on pillars and placing more pillars under these decaying spots didn’t help at all. Pillars are standing on foundations btw.

If someone could help I would be really grateful, I thought someone could give me a solution before I wrire in the bugs thread. Thank you.

Make sure that the stability of the floor is good before you do anything on top. It sounds as if that is your problem.

Building on pillars seems to be dangerous these days, so do not put anything valuable on top.

Items are disappearing from places with 100 stability too (literally from the pillar tops, where the ceiling gets attached). So I don’t think it’s a stability issue. But thanks for your tip, at least I know now that it’s not a stability issue :slight_smile: Also if u have any other tips I’m all ears, thank you :slight_smile:

İ like yog touch and kamil

If it is single player can you not turn decay off altogether?

I had this problem when there is a little empty space between the foundation and the ground. Try placing a foundation underneath; it will only show a portion of it, but if you are able to place it, then that was your problem.

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