Party System and Caravan

I have many suggestions so I will list just a few here for starters…

  1. A party system where you can see party members on the map and put POIs that other party members can see, like a destination that you want everyone to go to.

  2. A voice chat for party members that isn’t based on localization. I’m so tired of losing my buddy and then he can’t hear me either and then I have to try to type while fighting off whatever beasts or enemy, and sandstorm at the same time. It’s stupid.

  3. A caravn setup so you can move all your stuff to a new location. Like if you could capture some elephants and build wagons that you can load stuff into and haul great quantities of items to a new location. You could have your thralls come along and help guard you along the way. Just a thought there, not sure if it’s possible.

I’ll leave it with just those 3 for now, don’t want to overload yer brains…lol


This is what I was hoping mounts would play into. Being a nomadic tribe with your thralls, with your pack animals, living mainly in tents while moving whenever you want.

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I think a party system is needed, it would be useful to see the party members health too, healing arrows have been announced so it’ll help you know where to fire them.