PASS 2 Age 1/4 ...5 months left I don't see it

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Problem: Upgrade
Region: [ALL]

Some information about the new content of DLC as we are already in August and there are still 3 to go … That year is over you will not expect to sell a 3 year Annual pass without first finishing the 2 year …
All players are waiting for an answer, Thank!.

I believe Funcom is counting May 6th 2018 as the official release date (all platforms), and counting years from their. As in years released, not year it was released.
so year 1st was
5-6-2018 to 5-5-2019

year 2 would is
5-6-2019 to 5-5-2020. Meaning, we still have 9 full months left for the last 3 DLC’s of year 2 DLC pack.


thank for information.

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Hello @jmsasuke, we’ll be moving this post to the general discussion section as it’s not a bug report.

We’ll also be sharing any news regarding the upcoming DLC in the near future, thank you for understanding.

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