Passive regen healing perk for thralls bugged?

I noticed whether you have the perk or not, your thralls regen health at 1 per second basically. I was thinking that perk would give them more but oh well

Hope they fix it and not have a broken perk at the very start of release

The difference is though, without a perk they get 1 HP per tick and with the perk 6 HP per tick.

Still confusing wording though!
While the difference between 1 and 6 hp/tick is worthwhile, I’d argue that the difference between no regen and 1/tick is larger. (I’m not talking about the obvious maths).

Currently the wording would make you think they only get passive regen with the perk, not that it merely boosts the rate.

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Fair. It could be fixed by adding increased to passive regeneration in the description

From what I have seen, all the passive regens are lack luster. I was really hoping the corrupted vitality was going to break out but I’m not seeing that in the vids

We already have passive regen for the player (3rd perk vit). With the 4th perk, healing was quite good, whether from potions or feasts.
Did that change, somehow?
I read that with certain perks, now thralls also have passive regen. Useful. I used potions, bandages and healing arrows for that effect. Probably it will spare me a little grinding.:blush:

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