Passive Thralls

want passive thrall for my base that walk around and populate my area to make it look like a city or town or jsut a functioning area that won’t go outside say 2 blocks of a wall or foundation.

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they do want City life but when there so much bug fixing it kinda hard to make more content. But this is really hard to do. to make Thrall dynamically walk is hard since you get to world build and Navigation is gonna suck so bad like how do you even tell a thrall where to go and Path around and stuff.

I was thinking of coding it to your buildings and it follows the code of foundations and when the thrall leaves the foundation it can only go a certain amount of blocks past the foundation.

with an animation loop mechanic. so if you want a guard patrol route, you walk or run the route then assign it to the thrall and the thrall will do exactly what you did. there will have to be a limit to how long the loop can be

I mean dev kit is able to instill these idea it just I dont have any resource nor any knowledge to make this possible or how to get it to work and i mean its a miracle that combat moves like it does. I just know from trying to do Static navigation not dynamic changing

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