Patch 2.3 - Game Settings

Error / wrong game setting:

  • the sun outshines, in sunlight you can hardly see anything anymore or in buildings with bright components the outshade is very high.
  • performance, I play on the PS5 and the performance has partially deteriorated.
  • healing animation, — the animation is not helpful, it causes an additional handicap in addition to the loss of stamina.
  • persistence, especially at small levels, this can cause a lot of frustration, the method of avoiding a fight by running away is almost eliminated, every opponent catches up with you effortlessly and kills the player.

Improvements or too much changed ?!

  • 20 new workbenches make no sense, you should think that we prefer performance or people who build too big to minimize something, but when you see the workbenches in size and scope, that’s impossible!

There is a saying in Germany: “too many cooks spoil the broth!”

Conclusion: the patch is a positive but more of a negative experience, too much has been changed what shouldn’t have been, one should have concentrated more on new content that appears on the consoles as quickly as possible.

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I was wondering why they don’t bring work benches for a left and right footstep???^^

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Yup, I got killed by the scorpion king when trying to outrun him and drink a potion. Rip…

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