Patch 2.3 is internally labeled "New Land"

On the latest Dev Stream Alex dropped quite the bomb (RIP Alex).

2.1 is in TestLive, 2.2 will be a combat/PvP patch and 2.3 is internally called “New Land”.

Now let’s speculate until we’re all green in the face and expectations have climbed high enough to get the “Iron Shadows in the Moon” achievement!

You heard it here first!


or nude lands but I am not sure ^^


I think Alex from Dev stream said ‘nude lands’. Pretty sure that;s what I heard.

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Kinda sure it’s been that since the pre-launch marketing focused on the schlong slider!


Sounds like a fun thing to call someone you’re mad at. :smiley:


I also heard it as new land, and my guess would be perhaps a link between Exile lands and Siptah, but who knows what it will be :slight_smile:

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Its probably additions to the Siptah map to change it from a single island to an archipelago (several islands closely grouped together). Perhaps some new and interesting map dynamics, too.

Idea: Perhaps make it so that Siptah slowly “sinks,” forcing players inward to the Maelstrom? And then “rises” again only to repeat the cycle each month or quarter or year? Just a thought experiment (I doubt its do-able though).


I’d love to be wrong but I think you’re right to label that impossible.

It’s probably just additional islands, but I hope it’s a “conanized” version of this:


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Conan Exiles: Fortnite Edition
Coming with new emotes like “default dance”.



My theory:

Siptah is by design to test the waters of having dynamic content vs static. They stated that in the stream, and given the games direction i’d argue they are moving the base further and further towards having the game become less static and more dynamic.

The undermeshing problem of late has baffled me as to why they just don’t make the areas static in terms of the fixes they could apply. What if however, they are more focused on making the maps more dynamic which means they dont want to investin a static mesh painting process but more to do with ensuring the land mass in total takes on a more customizable feature(s). Inthat dynamic mesh protection is critical.

Siptah and Exile Lands combined as one, there’s already a push for us to experiment and explore the map creation tooling that accompanies the engine now. If Funcom can’t keep pace with the community, why not pull a Skyrim whereby you create the base lego pieces and let the community take hold of the product further - cheapens your developer cost(s) by quite a lot and more over you can open up more room for experimentation of features and changes.

The current pathway Funcom are on with the game as-is isn’t sustainable. The player base is dropping off quite a lot, sentiment is argueably hijacked more than not with players being jerks to one another (cheating, land claim wars, etc). So they have to pull a chord somewhere for radical change.

Here’s the thing though, in order for the entire dynamic ecosystem to prosper…they have to confront upfront that the Exile land player base, their home base… aren’t relevant anymore. To switch them over to the new player mode of playability means they will probably fight the fight of a “wipe” without saying the word “wipe” (ie let that part of the game go dormant quietly).

If none of the above is true, and its just some new DLC with new map or something like that… they’ll utterly fail in understanding just how p***sed off the playerbase is right now.

I really like the idea of making Siptah dynamic. Right now the area outside the Maelstrom is completely like Exiled Lands, that is a theme park with static bosses and vaults (although I noticed that the chest locations do change inside the vaults).

Inside the Maestrom you get lightning spawns and a more dynamic mini tower defense game which needs to be developed further. The are in the barrens besides the gold bosses seems pretty static right now. When the storm isn’t up there should be all types of strange unexpected things happening.

Maybe they should do something like Oblivion ES did and have gate events where Elder Things pour out and roam the safe areas or patrol the center.

I’d also love to see a dynamic quest system where you were given tasks by Valeria and other survivors to go do things like rescue people or purify evil altars to the Elder Things. stuff like that.

Scott mentioned back in June of so that they still wanted to do the living settlements. Hope that is still a thing.


I’m not pissed off at all to be honest.


yOu’rE cHoSEn oF aSuRa


Nor am I. In fact, quite the opposite – I’m invigorated to explore the new content and how it will dynamically change the way we’ve been playing over the last few years.

And this is coming from someone who’s been here since the first early access and isn’t a Chosen of Asura.


yOu’Re tRYiNg tO bECoMe cHoSEn oF aSuRa :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Same with me, not pissed either. I’m just making fun (in Spongeb Chicken meme format) of some likely responses you guys are gonna get :wink:


The game ‘Old-timers’ know that original, core game mechanics were not suited for much of the expansion the original game underwent - in adding consoles to the primary PC world at the very least. Just an admin-dip under the original world and then a dip under Siptah and many parts of Exiled Lands now, will show how changes have taken place there alone. Logical extrapolation suggests that the last Update that launched Siptah for us, as well as the volumes of added changes within the core game and the Siptah module, that there is a lot of potential for getting around server implosions by ‘siptah-rizing’ added lands. Once the mechanic for hoping from ‘module’ to module is sorted out, allowing players to move between ‘regions’ or ‘biomes’ or ‘countries’ becomes a lot simpler. As they say, get the chassis right and you can drop any build on top of it. Once that foundation-layer is sorted out, and subsequent layers pull common, consolidated data from that layer, then the rest is almost ‘reskinning’.

I think the new styles introduced in the last, big update were some of the most positive developments in the Conan Exiles genre and salute Funcom Dev dudettes and dudes (and all Funcom staff, past and present) for sticking with it and bringing so much more to a pinnacle game - and included in that are the Modding community who are amazing. I have yet to see or play another open world game that has allowed so much freedom to play, whether it be on Official (ick :slight_smile: ) or on Private servers, whether PvP, PvE, Role-Play, custom and everything in between.

Many thousand game hours later I’m just grabbing some popcorn and watching to see what comes next, next, next, next.


Thats all you took from the response… sigh… Or we gonna haggle over adoption depletion next?

On steam it says “More land” in a patch note, so im sure they gonna add new lands…