Patch 2.3 "liberating captive thralls to join your ranks"

Is this just some wordplay for taking thralls the old fashioned way? Or will we actually be able to get thralls without taking them by force? Because the RPer in me would love that, especially when I choose Mitra religion. Something tells me Mitra frowns on forcible enslavement. lol


Haven’t tested it, but from my understanding, it’s a new method to recruiting thralls. They have a percentage chance to spawn in a cage, you have to find the jailer or whatever. Get the key, unlock the cage, and they join you.


Reminds me of something from an old game I liked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you. That’s awesome! Hope they’ll add that feature to the Exiled Lands as well.


I haven’t found any good fighters in those cages but I’ve got a bearer III. My test sample is too small to say that there aren’t any and I don’t want to download the TestLive DevKit to check :smile:

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That would be nice. Seems everything we do in this game is evil: torture, raid, enslave, sacrifice people, chop people to bits, eat them, etc. Feels more like Thulsa Doom Exiles rather than Conan Exiles lol.


I would love if this were added to the exiled lands cages as well


Yeah, this sounds like a very nice feature and something i’ve wanting since they introduced thralls.

All this time i’ve been playing telling myself that hitting people in the head with a truncheon and putting them to pull a giant log in circles for no reason other than breaking their spirits was the only way to make Allies in the exiled lands/spitah. I tend to RP to myself a lot while i play so this fits very nicely with my playstyle :^)


Holy crap, I never thought of it that way. :grimacing:


Is it easier to get the very first fighter in such a way? It would make sence for low-level chars.

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I have tested out this mechanic. Here’s what happened at the Black Corsair encampment:

In the middle, there are four cages with prisoners inside. Only one seems to have an option to “open a door.” If you attempt to open that cage door, you get a “It is locked” message. To open the cage, you have to kill the jailor and take his key. The jailor is basically a T4 taskmaster. If you kill the jailor and loot his key, then you can go back and open the cage door. Immediately upon opening the cage door, the thrall inside ‘thanks you’ and becomes your thrall on the spot with a message like ‘Fighter I is following you.’

And once you use the key, it disappears. One key, one door.

I don’t know what happens if you already have a thrall following you. I was alone at the time.
And I could not see what type of thrall was in the cage until I got the door open. That could have been me not aiming my mouse correctly (needs further testing).

Hrmm so I wonder if there is a special mechanic for Worker thralls or if they cant be obtained this way? Which would be sad>

From what your saying Bodin it could be “fun” fight escaping from the camp with your new Thrall/friend but then again could also get them killed unless you brought along a spare set of decent Armour and weapons “just in case”

I think somebody already suggested they “appear” at or in a special item you could set back at your base. Maybe a Standard or clan totem sorta thing in place of the Wheel of pain perhaps? (Similar Construction costs to make either way of getting a thrall on a par)

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