Patch 2.4 review

I must say, i love the changes that are coming out. And even if people complain as they always do when something makes their life require more skill and effort. Such a GREAT patch for PvP.

Healing now takes thought, you dont get perma regen. so choice.

All weapons take 2seconds to pull out before you can use it! This fixed all of those broken script, macro, endless spam that took no skill to do.

Rolls, are so much cleaner being light in weight(green) lets you roll faster? a .4-5second roll IS Amazing, Yellow roll is .8-1sec, and Red is 1.4-5second roll and over weight there is no roll.
This is amazing. competely amazing game changing fixes that needed to happen.

And WATER combat is now available! lmao, you cant save yourself anymore as you run for your life. So good.

So out of the Player base that does know how to PvP, I THANK YOU.


Actually, no, it didn’t but maybe the next TestLive patch will (EDIT: the one that just released today 13.04.2021).

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Well, I’m no PvPer or MMO player so I don’t have to deal with all the dishonesty and irresponsibility that comes with it but, improved animations (drawing your weapons) is always welcome!

But what exactly is the healing change? Is it related to potion/food use? Not the vitality attribute I hope. Slow, passive regen when above a certain level in vitality is a great QoL sort of thing, and perfectly normal for a game of this type.

Roll improvements is good, as long as it doesn’t go back to a Neymar fest again…

Was there a horse nerf? It would not bother me really, as long as it’s not too excessive.

And then - as per usual DLC scumming tradition - 3 new biomes for Siptah, 0 new biomes for Exiled Lands. But I suppose the “Early Access” label will be the go-to excuse in this case…

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Thanks for the info <3

Will test it out right now :slight_smile: (download first)

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This actually didn’t fix it, even buffed offhand animation canceling. So Funcom decided to remove animation canceling completly (today’s patch).

Enjoy poke & roll :slight_smile:

I don’t PvP, but it sounds like animation cancelling had made PvP combat pretty stupid, so I understand a change was needed. Unfortunately, this change sounds bad for PvE. What am I supposed to do in PvE? There are many fights where I want to get in, get a few hits in, and get out. I typically move close, attack a few times, then unequip/equip weapon so I can move back out of the way (thanks to the stupid design where you get rooted in place by so many painfully drawn out weapon animations). It seems the only alternative now is to lose half my stamina by doing a roll instead.

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You can still spam with the 1h weapons, just saying. You can’t really combo them with other weapons but the spam is possible. :woman_shrugging:

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Youre right,
i was taken back and was blind. there is still a way to spam. that sucks. but it is at least alittle better :confused:

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