Patch and Inventory, are you serious?

So it takes ages for a patch come out and you didn’t even manage to fix the inventory you broke with the last chapter? Really?
You still can only use the no sorting option, because if you have it at “heaviest first” and want to drop something, it just drops random stuff from your inventory.
This is just ridiculous, no wonder people are leaving the game


(from the top of my head)

  1. people still fall under building pieces.
  2. the dreaded too far away message when deploying placeables.
  3. thralls taking fall damage
  4. thrall pots not working.

this update : the new kithan armor has dye issues on a couple pieces.
black corsair faction became impossible to KO (siptah) will have to check the rest.
stygian wagon , does not align to the ground (pressing the button does nothing)
vendors are selling regular Hardened steel weapons instead of the legendaries.


This one is on PS5, Accursed have been susceptible to the truncheon thus far.
Even the Accursed Bearer that spawned in the otherwise immune to stun damage Sipho’s Shipyard.

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Good to know.

That is stupid will check out this w.

I laughed so hard at this, i’m literally in tears :rofl:

This patch did me in. I uninstalled and swore off Funcom products after 20+ years with the company. I can’t play a game that HAD a working custom inventory… then removes it and replaces it with a obviously inferior and lacking, buggier replacement while saying “reasons”.

This game would run better if the three stooges were in charge.

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Add to this list:

  • ENTIRE Volcano biome is still hostile to the player
  • Stygians from Al Merayah still spawning in dungeons and peoples bases
  • golden lotus nodes and other assets still invisible
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They really need to just bring back the old inventory system. Listen to the community for once @Funcom


Are they? I’m seeing them… Mostly confused that plants in volcano give golden lotus stuff.

I just assumed this is to make area harder… It does make vendors/talkative npcs easier find since there not trying murder me. XD

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