Patch focus this week and DLC discussions

Hello Exiles,

First of all, let us wish you a fantastic start into the new week :slight_smile:

Secondly, we currently have a really big patch on TestLive that we are working on stabilizing. So far we did collect some of your feedback in this thread here.


Late tonight (Patched! :white_check_mark:), we will also deploy an additional patch to TestLive to address some of the feedback you guys/girls already gave us. There will most likely be more patches to TestLive during the week.

Once TestLive is stable, we hope to get the big patch to Live sometime next week

In case you are wondering how to access TestLive, we got you covered, right there.

The more feedback regarding the fixes that are on TestLive we can get, the faster we can deploy this version to the live game on all Platforms.

Which in turn, will make space for new builds, new fixes and (possibly) new things to test out on the TestLive Servers (hint hint).

Or in other words, please check out the TestLive server if you have a bit of time and let us know if something breaks or if you have any feedback regarding the issues and fixes posted in the Patch Notes.


The current version in PC Live should also come to consoles later this week or early next week. As always, this depends on Certification.

DLC (upated info!)

Regarding the recently released DLC: We see and take your feedback into consideration, thank you. The plan for the DLC items is to make them exactly on par with Star Metal. Currently, the recipes and the stats have both been made to match up on Testlive, but we are not able to patch Live just yet. The rebalance pass is for building recipes, armor recipes, structure hitpoints and weapon stats.

Thank you for being part of the community and thank you for your ongoing feedback and input.
We do very much appreciate it :slight_smile: