Patch Plans Week 2nd of July

Hello Exiles and happy Monday! :slight_smile:

Quick information about this week’s plans for patching:

PS4 and Xbox (Patched! :white_check_mark: )

We plan to parity patch consoles with the patches that have been on PC live, on Wednesday. This, as always, will depend on how fast we get through Certification on either platform. Patch Notes will be posted as soon as we have them available.

PC (Patched! :white_check_mark: )

We are still trying to get the 500+ patch that is currently on TestLive over to PC as soon as possible, at the start of August. We do want to be careful though and want to be as sure as possible to not cause issues for when the patch goes to PC Live. (Issues can always happen but we try to be as pro-active as possible.)

Please also take note that there are several sticky posts on the subforums with known issues and status of those issues:

Thanks for being part of our community. Your ongoing feedback and input is very much appreciated :slight_smile: