Patch Schedule for the next two weeks [31.07.2018]

I hope everyone had some warm summer days to enjoy. It was certainly hot enough here in Norway :slight_smile:

Most of our team is back at the office and working hard on new content, bug fixes and performance, among other things.

Naturally, we also want to get back to let you know what’s going on patching wise.

FOCUS FOR THIS WEEK [Patched! :white_check_mark:]

Focus this week regarding patches will be the release of the latest DLC on all platforms. There are a few technical changes we need to patch in to make it available later this week.

PARITY PATCH FOR CONSOLES (Target: for start of week of the 13th)

After that the main focus will be to get the Parity Patch for Consoles out to get them up to speed with the PC version. One thing to mention here is that this patch will have collision changes on wall-shaped building pieces and the triangle foundations (all tiers). We’ve unified them to be the same size, and tested to make sure things shouldn’t fall down or disappear from them. It’s possible to lead to some slightly odd builds that can have some placeables disappear. This should hopefully cause only minor (if any) issues on consoles.

If you want to be 100% sure that there will be no issues, you could move placeables and containers off triangle pieces and onto square foundations before the patch goes live (and move them back afterwards).

UPDATE: We hoped to be able to get the patches for Xbox and PS4 out sometime this week but keeping certification delay in mind we didn’t want to risk to patch on Friday. We are instead targeting early next week. This parity patch will of course also include the additional two hotfixes that went out for PC Live.

TESTLIVE UPDATE (Patched! :white_check_mark:)

In Parallel, we are also working on getting a patch to TestLive that will address some high priority issues such as Thrall aggro, thrall health reset and others currently on PC Live. Patch notes can be found here.


Around the 16th of August we will update TestLive with the new features for you to test and try out. That will include the new pet taming system, new dungeons and the new additions to the combat system. We will share more info and details leading up to that on our Community Newsletter and our Live Streams.

We’ll definitely, positively need your help with testing and feedback on this one! We are also looking into running more TestLive Events.

BARBARIAN EDITION SOUNDTRACK (fixed! :white_check_mark:)

We are aware that there are some issues with the Barbarian Edition Soundtrack not showing up correctly in your local CE folders and are working on it.