Patch Schedule for this week

Hello Exiles!

We want to keep you updated on our plans for patching for this week so here goes:
Please keep in mind that schedules might adjust or change as things come up or CERT processes might delay deployment. :slight_smile:

PC LIVE (Patched! :white_check_mark:)

In a few hours we hope to have a quick hotfix for PC Live to address a few issues with the patch on Friday and mod compatibility improvement that should help different mods working together easier in the future.

TESTLIVE (Patched! :white_check_mark:)

Edit: we are still finalizing this patch and due to the sheer mount of notes and fixes, we will deploy the 500+ patch to Testlive today. Since that is a pretty huge patch, it would be super helpful if you guys and girls could test and play on Testlive to give us feedback once this goes live. We have a separate post for dedicated feedback for that specific patch. Patch Notes will be posted asap!

PS4 AND XBOX (Patched! :white_check_mark:*)

PS4 and XBox fixes for the stat exploit including the attribute and feat reset have been submitted to CERT. As soon as we pass CERT we will deploy the patches. Hopefully that is on Friday.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, we really appreciate it.