Patcher Always Downloads Larger Than Stated File

Every time I start the client patcher, it has me download a 348MB file on the 4/4 step, but it always “goes past” 348MB.

As of posting this, it’s currently at 1.5GB/348MB.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game many times. I’ve run everything in compatibility mode and as admin. Nothing fixes it.

The only way I am able to play is if I get lucky sometimes (probably 1/10 times) and it finally stops downloading sometime after the 348MB it says it needs to download.

(I’m actually trying to play TSW, but I couldn’t find a forum for that so I’m posting here)

Just hit esc when it passes 348, and relaunch. Its known feature. I just repaired my game data few days a go and similar hit me, but esc → relaunch few times fixed it.

I just spent 15 minutes redownloading an unneeded patch and gave up after it didn’t work on the 13th try.

I know things don’t need to be instantaneous and I’m willing to put in a little work to play an older game like this, but it’s basically unplayable right now for me until this is fixed :frowning:

I’m assuming Steam? The Steam client likes to do this a lot. Steam integration is just really poorly implemented. But this also ends up often being a privileges issue. Windows likes to stomp on changes the patcher makes. Turning off Windows security while the patcher runs and running the patcher as Admin can sometimes help.