Patcher stuck when loading the game

Launcher? Heeeey… come on … * grrrrrrrr

Just wonderful. Now it probably won’t be fixed until monday, just when I had decided to play more AoC this weekend. Well, back to my other games I guess.

You can play, if you want to.

Sorry CAPPA. does not work

Lol here I am trying different internet… and ways…

great weekend to break the game for US players

Does it matter what windows are we running? im running win8 and its not working for me. thx

Edit: when AOc its activated nothing happens, when AOC its deactivated the patcher runs and game gets stuck

SUPER, da hat man Zeit und Lust, dieses Spiel zu spielen und bekommt gleich beim Laden ein Frusterlebnis… Los FUNCOM, löst das problem, aber schnell. Wir bezahlen schließlich dafür!!!

and then enjoy !

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worked for me under Win10.

Where in the world is this happening I wonder. I have the problem in Florida USA. I tried Cappa’s solution and was the only way I could log in. Launcher is down

Should not matter. Used it on Win 7 and 10 myself.

THANK YOU CAPPA. Now it runs in Win7

For me it did not work the message appears activated, but when I start either one, the patcher opens… sad

After activating it you can try holding f9 or f8 while launching ageofconan.exe or ageofconandx10.exe, IIRC that was the shortcut to force it to skip the patcher (I used older versions of the program where it was actually needed).

Yes, seems true I could probably play if I wanted to. But why? Age of Conan is losing players left and right.

Broken patchers, promised new content that never arrived, and a host of other problems including billing and customer support- I can see why.

I have tried to defend Funcom in the past but it really getting hard to do now. I love the game, I did want to play this weekend, but eh- there are other worlds out there I enjoy as well.


Your game is not running. Already noticed?

The players are very engaged to bypass the problem. Wouldn’t that be your task?

I think now you can understand me, I tried hard but I just wasted my time and got a lot of enemies

me too

Players have fixed problems for funcom since the day this game launched. It is quite amazing

I am from Russia and also can not play.