Patching every other day

I’m losing it… now every time I want to play exiles, I need to download yet another patch.
I’m guessing that the patch is also necessary for people not playing on siptah.
Is the extension just a good excuse to put the base game back to early access stage?
Or do should we just acknowledge that it was never ready anyways?
Don’t mean to offend anyone but you’re kind of pushing the limits to human patience here


Dota 2 does that nowadays too. Sometimes I get 2 updates per day to download.

For the good though. To fix exploits and do important hero/item balance adjustments.

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I don’t deny they do it for a good purpose here as well, but when i just have 30min free and plan to just log in and farm a bit or kill a few things, waiting 20min for patching really hurts.
And lately this becomes the basecase.
Those ***** from ****** can **** my **** with ******* really. Make of that what you wish.

If they don’t patch and hotfix - people cry.
If they try to hotfix - people cry.

Those are good changes and understandable if they just recently brought something which is still in early access. Stop the grumpyness and let funcom do their work if they do it.


Do the officials have a warning at least when g-portal takes them down for an update? I haven’t played on officials for a long while but remember that being dced without a warning was very very frustrating, rip gear :rofl:

Let them fix new things. You can’t just wait some time for it to download? Just put your steam updates on auto or something.
They are fixing issues and I love it. I’d rather have updates every day than dealing with bugs and bugged mechanics for weeks.


Someone didn’t bother to read the patch notes:

  • Fixed a number of client crashes.
  • Fixed certain buffs replenishing themselves.
  • Healing potions should no longer break on bleeding damage.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating custom Singleplayer and Cooperative sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the server query port was being unintentionally overridden.
  • Fixed server query fetching information for logged out players.

Those are all non-Siptah related. And seriously, it was only a 40MB patch. You used more bandwidth logging into the forums today.


Last fix was 5 days ago. Dunno what you mean.

yes they have one :slight_smile: 5 mins before


Isle of Siptah is not a different game like many missinformed people have claimed. It’s an expansion to Conan Exiles. As such, each update has to be downloaded.

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My Apoligies then. By reading the post seemed like a daily thing and i assumed that it was not an issue for me due to automatic steam updates. I’ll be deleting what was said above since doesn’t apply

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I’m sure it’s a conspiracy to trigger you. I like frequent updates shows the time they’re putting into the game.

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It can be. Honestly even during early access time of the base game, patches were not that frequent, which kinda proves my point.

@Taemien I read the patch notes, I was just being rhetorical.
Also, size of the patch is not so relevant here. It still takes 15min for steam to allocate space, download and install the bloody thing. If I’m doing something wrong and there’s a way out could be way faster, please tell me and I’ll just shut up and crawl back under my rock.

I’ll try auto updates too. Maybe that works.

Blog talked about that there will be more frequent updates because Siptah is in early access.

Its a bit of shame that Siptah sort of brought whole game to Early Access, as Siptah tests/changes generally affects main game now too. At least we have fast development patches to try to fix issues, so I think they must continue this cycle now. The path has been chosen.

Not like the base game doesn’t benifit though. Healing update, the upcoming economy update, re-customizations of characters, etc.


It will slow down a bit once the big wrinkles are ironed out. Just try to have some patience. This sort of thing is to be expected after any major expansion or version upgrade.

Btw other peeps from my server discord group also complain that even small update patch takes very long time (up to 1h for 40mb which sounds crazy even to me).

Any idea if there’s something we could do to make it less painful? Or is it just about allowing autoupdate, leaving steam on a all times and hoping that the patch will be released while you’re away?

If it’s taking that long, they should try changing server regions for their downloads. (Steam -> Settings -> Downloads)

I am not saying there isn’t benefits, but basically whole game is in Early Access mode. Not just Siptah.

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