Patroling/moving NPC

Hey Funcom i really like Conan, but i feel you guys are missing the element of suprise, that are in other games. There is very easy to avoid the npc’s when we are playing. It would be more challenging to actually have NPC patrols at random, so when you are out gathering you could get a suprise attack and also make it harder to avoid them. Purge makes it more fun in PVE, but they should spawn at players and not at the base everytime, so we don’t have to run back to base at every purge. That makes the purge just botersome and we turn it down so we can go exploring without having to run back to base everytime


Nice Thought!
I like the idea of patrolling NPCs. I have also thought about it in the past but I thought more about my own thralls.
I thought even stationary guards could have a radius of about 10-15 meters (building blocks) in which they wander around for a minute after standing guard for 2 minutes (or something like that) and then return to their position.
I think it would fill the scenery fill life a little more.


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