Pay 2 Win Content

I simply reinforced his previous statement.
Private servers are free to add or remove content from the game.
Funcom themselves provide tools for change and blacklisting.
Anyone can just rent a server and make their own rules, be it some dice DnD/Cyberpunk/Fallout rp server or 2.9 vanilla PvP with no BP and Bazaar items.
The moment you join a private space like that you’re no longer entitled to use of all your items and purchases unless owners allow it.

If you’re agreeing with him, then I’ll retract my earlier statements. I don’t necessarily disagree with those statements.

I agree with you. If Funcom creates a new shape for a building piece, they should add for the same Tier its free counterpart for all players.

In PvE, the Battle Pass, Bazaar and DLC items do not affect the gameplay as strongly as in PvP, but still a little. Let us take as an example that item which I absolutely adore for its expiration time, but which makes it unfair for my friend who does not have it:

Do not buy anything, your torch lasts up to 20 minutes.
Buy the BP - Age of War - chapter 2, your torch lasts up to 40 minutes.

The thing is, when you buy the battle pass, since there is only the picture of the item and no depiction of its stats, you do not even know what you gamble on. You buy on the principle that it was announced that the battle pass and bazaar items do not give advantages to the holders. In short, you buy the items for their cosmetic value.

I always bought the items to be a Pay to Sparkle player.
And yet, with that torch in my inventory, I am now a Pay to Win player.


Lol I wonder if this really matter so much for people to win
In my experience it rarely did, and I played games where there was actual pay 2 win back in the day

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Nailed it.

It’s definitely not fine, in any sense of the word. Banning all BP/BLB content is way too broad, so that’s not fine.

On the other hand, I can understand why: how much time would an admin have to spend on what’s essentially QA of Funcom’s game design in order to decide which content to allow and which to blacklist?

So yeah, the fact that PVP players can’t trust Funcom to avoid releasing P2W content is also not fine.

There are several reasons why there are so many “Bazaar evil” threads. One of those is that Funcom hasn’t done anything about the feedback yet, so the feedback keeps popping up.

Another is that a small group of forum users does their damnedest best to derail and shut down every one of those. :man_shrugging:

Mission accomplished, eh? :wink:

Usually it’s about money, but it doesn’t have to be. If it has a competitive advantage and obtaining that advantage depends on factors that aren’t your in-game actions, then it qualifies.

Once the next Age comes, no one will be able to get that tapestry, no matter what they do in-game. If that tapestry happens to give a competitive advantage to players, then that creates a situation you don’t want to have in a fair comopetitive environment.

I don’t know if they consider it white noise, but at least I’ve seen first-hand evidence that they do read some of these complaints. I’ve yet to see what they plan on doing about it.

Nailed it again.

No, you’re not.

It’s also possible enjoy something without working tirelessly to shut down every single discussion and complaint from those that don’t enjoy it. I’m not saying you are doing that, but there are people here who do, and that’s what @Kikigirl is talking about.

Good question. The way PVP works, it seems it’s hard to enjoy it without putting in a lot of restrictions (not to mention having a private server is a must because of the hackers). So I wouldn’t blame an admin for making those restrictions overly broad in order to ensure that the people who play on their server are actually having fun.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Good one!
If someone lost from anyone in a battle just because the torch lasts twice from the other ones, then this person will simply have to change game mode and train a bit more on weapon wielding i say :wink:.
Items from bazzar or bp are a but rewarding but not game breaking.
In a pvp battle it’s
1 skills
2 build
Last, gear.
A skilled fighter can win even if he-she hasn’t got good build or good gear and that’s a fact. I was watching the “god” @SirDaveWolf winning naked with stone weapons, players with end gear.
Then again i watched @Ceronesthes bring down Colossal clans alone with his unbelievable methodical plans.
So allow me not to agree that pay to win content on Conan exiles is serious. Other things are and i wish one day Funcom will provide fair play servers to the players.

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What a chewy topic.

There are some P2W things that this one laughs long and hard about.
Others, less so.

Explosives are the only way to do PvP now.
Full stop.

With that having been said, any structure that is capable of ablation the damage more than vanilla options is going to be impactful on sieges. Especially if there is some bug/feature that impacts how the explosive damage is dispersed

This one personally loathes the telekinetic ied meta.
But it’s the only game in town for PvP now, what with avatars reduced to lag inducing vanity projects and target practice for ballistae.

There are some very simple answers to these concerns, but they won’t generate revenue, so good luck on that side.

Edit: Those answers being adding peaked roofs and sloped walls to the Black ice tier of builds in the base game.


farm the red mother and have a torch that lasts 167 hours. What’s your point?


Don’t focus on this single example.

The point is that items are only obtainable via purchase/FOMO that provide benefits over items that exist in the base game.

Even if this torch would last only 1 second longer, still unacceptable and technically P2W. Does it have impact? Absolutely not. But the mere existence of this items tells a player the following:

If this exists (especially HOW LONG it exists), chances are other items like this might exist that have a bigger impact.

This reveals major flaws in their QA and game architecture.


but how does this serve as an example, if there is a torch ingame for everybody that lasts 200 times longer?
E.y goes through the trouble posting a screenshot, framing it to prove his point with a wrong example.
p2win would be, if it is better than any freely obtainable torch, which it isn’t

I don’t know, that sounds like a grey area. If there’s nothing in the base game that offers similar advantages, then it’s definitely unfair. But what you’re saying here sounds too extreme.

If there’s a base game item everyone can always craft, at will, with a stat N, and a rare, RNG-gated base game item everyone can grind for with a stat Nx2, and a BP/BLB offering with a stat N+1, then I wouldn’t call BP/BLB offering P2W. Does it give you advantage? Sure. Can you get it solely through in-game actions? No. Is the advantage unfair considering base-game items? Ehhhh, not really?


I understand what you mean, but if you play PvP, you also have a convenience factor.

I can farm a Nx2 item for one player maybe 2 times by the time another clan can craft N+1 items for 10 people 20 times if they spent the money.

If you get wiped, you lose all these items and have to fall back to N items, whilst the other clan when they get wiped, they can simply craft the N+1 items again.

On top of that, you can’t even use the N+1 items whilst the others can use the Nx2 items.

But I was not about that. Yes, it is extreme, but the mere existence of such purchasable items is a no go IMO.


Well, since I play PvE, I doubt my torch would have inflicted any damage even if I had tried xD

But it did affect our gameplay in the early stage of our progress. We used to wander a lot, for a long time, exploring as we were going.
My friend had to farm/craft the torch again while mine was still half consummed. Worse? In the dungeons. My friend had to rely on me to see anything as his torch had burnt mid-way. Should I have told him to sacrifice one of his inventory slots to take two torches to compensate? Of course not. I became the “torch holder” of our duo in most of our expeditions, knowing only Crom Coins got me to see in the dark longer than him.


Once upon a time we could add reinforcement upgrades to them…

I missing my Glowing torch… such nice timer on it.


As I said, it affected our gameplay in the early stage of our game. We would not farm the Red Mother at that point, sorry. And secondly, We’ve never got a torch through her either. As a matter of fact, I did not even know we could get a torch from her until you mentionned it. When my friend was discovering the game -and me half discovering it-, we did not look for spoilers. We missed that item you’re speaking of. It does not change the fact that the only torches we had to rely on still affected our gameplay. So what’s your point? That a non BP client can get a torch as good as a low level BP client after getting their gear strong enough / enough knowledge of the game to farm a boss’ loot? Wow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have been through the trouble to take a screenshot to show. English is not the language I use in game, a name you would not understand would not make sense on that forum, so a screen capture works better for me.

It is pay to win if it gives an advantage compared to the free items. In this case, the advantage does not lie in the fact that an other item does not exist to compensate, but in how early in the game you can unlock such an item.
Because NO, when you are a beginner and inexperienced player, you do not run head on at that big dragon. My torch however, I can craft without second thought at an early stage.


A narrative being pushed, wilful ignorance or plain ignorance? Maybe all.

Feels like there’s been this misinterpretation that those who are critical of supposed P2W content are upset that the items are not available to them because they missed out or didn’t buy. No.

I LOVE the new content they’ve been releasing. It’s beautiful, the variety is top notch for games in general and the execution of the art itself is skilful. I made a conscientious choice not to purchase and I have accepted my own restriction. It’s not a matter of envy.

Rather than accepting that it is a realization and discussion about these clear inconsistencies that do affect some. Even an acknowledgement that a certain level of integrity is not being maintained and promises broken.

It’s easier to believe that it’s trivial when it doesn’t affect you though; it’s a commonly held viewpoint for those not in PVP because how would they even know, right?

The solution isn’t to purchase the problem items either. Compounding the problem would even support a lack of fix because it will drive up sales…


Can you make the relic hunter torch?

i would certainly prefer it if the bazaar and battlepass stuff was purely cosmetic, as that would be more fair. the fact i don’t have bazaar stuff doesn’t really effect me since i play pve. i was not aware of the bomb-proof pyramid roof issue, i can see how that would give a pretty hefty anti-raid advantage in pvp. so it does suck.


Is it to see the components? Same as the normal torch.



On an official PvE server, at lvl 1, this what my inventory shows:

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We really need official solo, duo, trio,etc servers.

New players sort the list of servers based on the pop.

Because official is plagued by cheaters.

Servers like crom have a high pop and it basically feeds on itself.

Crom is trash.Got scammed out of 50 euros.

And as you can see, they are anti-Funcom.

“Just come play on my server and give that dlc money to me.I sell shieldwrights for 8 euros a pop and 4 weeks later i wipe the server.”