Pay attention to your Customers while on time, Bad stats in Steam

Things are going to get much worse if you do not give proper attention to your customers, especially those in South America.

Few servers, and the few that have, when they are not crowded are offlines …

I’ve been a customer to you since the pre-order of Age of Conan, and I’m very disappointed in all this.


From 85% before and at release to 74% right now.

If you care about your game/custommers/players, Funcom, it is time to act now before it is too late!

The only thing you should focus to right now: AFK kick system + queue server joining system.

The first one will solve the problem with not enough slots on servers. (WIN for you)

The second one will solve the problem with angry/frustrated players. (WIN for us)

Its a WIN/WIN solution and the time is running like a thrall engaged in a combat!

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And please dont forget about the eternal loading screen… Cuz a Lot of people Just cant login even in empty servers

It’s been over 40 hours that some South American servers are offline

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