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I know I would like more information on where we are heading. I have purchased this game on two platforms with dlc content, but I am confused… I have played for a long time and see a trend where it is not necessarily “pay to win” but dlcs are much better than vanilla. And now I am expected to pay more for content that I was told I was being given but will make the game better for me? I want to try and break this down as simply as I can. I get hype, I get excitement. There reaches a point where a player needs to stop investing in a broken game. I’m not being mean… let’s be honest. There are issues and lets review I have purchased this game twice because i love it. I feel like i am constanlty being bled for money… and I do love it but it hurts. You see that don’t you? Why would I stay and get constantly begged for more money for things that allow me to play the game and stay in “the meta” of pvp when new things are added but core content and SERVERS are not improved?! I know you guys want this as much as I do, but core aspects of the game are still not optimised and more and more dlc content is coming out all the time. It is exhausting for us to continue funding a game that we continue to smile at the things that don’t let us play it or play it well. I say this in love and I say it in hope that someone up top reads it. You have something here that people WANT. don’t screw it up by charging too much.

what’s in this new DLC that you consider to be p2w?
All dlcs has a slight advantage over vanilla, but, as far as i know, not as much to be considered p2w.

Also, it’s a DLC, but it’s not required to play the game, you don’t have to buy it, it’s completely optional.

the stats of DLC are matched to all tier 3 pieces I don’t see the advantage your referring to? they are additions adding to the enjoyment of the game but they are aesthetic.

I put over 800 hours into the game from early access days when you were kicked every 5 minutes if not less, we had grinded and felt we had achieved what the game had to offer at that time and yes we felt frustrated and tormented but it was early access. Returning in 2020 the amount of content added to the game was honestly shocking so much has been improved and additional FREE content added dungeons/bosses/weapons/script/animations/lore/pets/mounts this is like picking up a completely new game.

Sometimes when you see something everyday you don’t notice the small changes that when added all together are big changes.

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Are you talking about what was said on the stream yesterday? Scott brought up that they are working on optimizations about 5 different times. You want them to work on general core improvements? They are.

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I’m only speaking of the material requirement advantages as will as benefits in armor and heat/cold bluffs. If you haven’t bought dlcs you are severely limited in options.

And to clarify I agree that newer content is great and appreciate the hard work, but online play is still very rough. I’m trying to say it needs to be stabilized before more and more paid dlc content is released. On top of that, I’m trying to remind/encourage that the dlc content should be kept strictly for appearance/decorative.

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Wich is why they might not do it. Its a salesargument… I wish they’d get rid of that though and make the temperature resistences something you add to your armor as padding.


So it’s actually less advantaged than you think all armors are different but in terms of cost most people from what I’ve seen use god breaker armor on thralls in terms of player stats everyone says players can’t fight cause thralls op and one shot you so I guess armor right now is obsolete to say but in terms of building pieces black ice very easy to build and most do that where dlc cost much more resources and time so some most of it’s a rp setting cause all you should care about in pvp is functionally as that said I can give you armors both better and more useful than dlc because they have better stats cold protection if I did not lvl up I would survive about any where at lvl one most npc drop better armor that you can get right of bat like cimmera drops epic armor no Matt what lvl say which lemira and weapons legendary I can get many right off bat to so why build dlc when I can just take what I want from npcs the only thing dlc truly Offer’s in advantaged is I’m will look better than you lol

Legendary weapons wipe DLC weapons off the map.

End game armor wipes DLC armor off the map.

All three , legendary weapons, DLC weapons and Armor, are NOT necessary to play the game effectively.

How about the hundreds of FPS games that still sell despite the hacking, cheating and exploiting going on.

I play this game because i like it.

I only go to youtube when i have to.
Funcom should pay attention to those playing the game and testlive- not youtube.

Do you have a better business model we could use?
If you do then im sure funcom or any gaming company for that matter would like to hear it.

What Funcom charges for DLCs is peanuts compared to other games.

Well peanuts for me since i either get it for free(i have friends) or i get them on sale which i then give to my friends for free.

Correction- you are severely limited in min/maxing your character without the DLCs.

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There is an armor for every stat in the vanilla content, but yeah, not every stat for every climate.
But, DLC armors are not even endgame content, the best gear possible comes from dungeon bosses, legandaries and some random drops. So at the end this is only thrall armor and cosmetics, and thralls aren’t affected by temperature.

The only problem with non DLC armors is that you have to hunt the specific t4 armorer in order to make a flawless version, wich is kind of sucks imo.

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