Payed, but accounts still frozen?


so… how long does it take for a frozen account to become playable again after payment?

ive been waiting for hours, i hear people wait days or weeks for this?

please help, im about to cancel the payment through my bank.


Unfortunately it may indeed take a few weeks with the current support backlog, but I would still recommend working with support in resolving this. Doing a chargeback usually results in your account being banned.


did some research, and i guess having “failed payments” on your payment history prevents you from reactivating your account, even though you have newer approved payments for the same account.

sent them a mail with as much infio as possible (#1112830).

man i hope i dont wait weeks for this.

to me this seems like an issue that shouldve taken precedence over a new server or shiny new ‘special offers’, but thats just me i guess