Payment problem Help

I am trying to buy premium Membership but my payment is getting declined all the time. Never had this problem before just came. Any way to get help on this

Sorry, you need to be a paying subscriber to receive assistance… Ironic isn’t it?

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Are you using the old or new website and which type of payment are you using?

yeah very ironic, argh

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I think im using the Old website.

Try using the new website and I recommend to use a credit card over PayPal.
Most people have issues with the old website, I use the new one and haven’t had a single declined payment.

There is no need that you are a top player with full AA and gear to be able to join in on the pvp on fury. I group with anyone who enjoys to do pvp, not only the “pro’s”. If needed we can compensate by inviting some more players to get a fun fight against a group of veterans.

Thanks will try that out

I recommend you don’t bother with Fury and just stick to Crom, there is still lots of fun to be had for a new player there. Hell I’ve been playing this game since 2009 just started from scratch on a brand new account because why not. Been having a great time!

For sure there there is plenty to do on crom and the pve there is enjoyable too. If you dont bother with pvp crom is the place to be. However if you also enjoy pvp a lot, there is no harm in having a toon on fury as well. The fact that you can have open world pvp makes it so much more easy to engage in pvp.
There can indeed a lot of toxicity, but it’s easy enough to just block players in chat so it really isnt that big of a deal.

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