Payment related support?

when navigating to there is this big “EMAIL SUPPORT” headlline, but where are the E-Mail addresses? I dont want to post my payment details in global forum…
(and live-chat isn’t working either!)

my problem: I bought 3x 600 funcom points and all three payments show approved, but I only have 600 points now, not 1800 (3 x 600) !

please help!!!


Underneath the large “Email Support” you should see a place to put your email, the issue in detail underneath that, and then a box next to where you put your email that will let you select what sort of issue you’re having. Then at the bottom of all of that, the submit button.

You should get a confirmation once you send it in.

And, this sounds like an issue that’s quite common. Sometimes they have to manually verify a payment or something so sometimes points get held back for up to a couple days. Usually nudging funcom gets the points processed quicker.

Hi Baritha,
no, underneath that large “EMAIL SUPPORT” headline is nothing…
(well, in Chrome there is nothing, in MS Edge there is the header of the help page replicated; but none of them shows any kind of formular where I can enter my issue!)

I uploaded a screenshot of both to flickr:

Have you tried a different browser?

It loads fine on my end with both Firefox and Chrome.

It seems the contact text fields do not appear for everyone, if I enter the site it doesn’t show any text boxes either (like Dr.D00m said).

Clicking on Email Support does nothing, it also seems like the text boxes are no loaded at all since I can’t “find” them when clicking around on the red background.

EDIT: I tried it with the Internet Explorer, there it shows the text boxes, @Dr.D00m maybe try it with Internet Explorer too.

Please let us know what version of Chrome (or version of other browsers) that you are using where the form is not showing correctly. I am able to see it on Chrome Version 66.0.3359.139. If your version is the same, maybe try disabling any ad blockers to see if this may be stopping this part of the page from loading.

I am running:
Version 66.0.3359.139 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
with adblock installed but deactivate for the whole funcom domain: email form does not show!

I found the problem!! - the site uses mixed content (https and http) which my Chrome blocks:

well, when I disable the insecure-content-blocking (by clicking on the shield icon far right in the address line) then Chrome behaves like MS Edge - showing the top of the whole site again, but still no input fields:

What happens if you try in incognito mode?

no change, same as posted above; either nothing beneath the EMAIL SUPPORT or the top of the page - depending on whether or not insecure content is blocked…

I’ve passed this on to our web designers. We’ll see what we can do to prevent this inconsistency. Thank you for your report. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to send me a private message here if you need assistance with your account.

Ok, thanx!

no further assistance needed at this time, my bought funcoins did show up meanwhile :slight_smile: