Payment Statut Approved and Membership Status Frozen since 2 days



2 days ago i wanted to resub with Paypal on the new account anarchy-online com page, the procedure failed with an errorr message : under maintenance.
I tried again with a bank card and it worked but since my membership status is : frozen (cancelled)

today i did an other try with the first failed resub on the old website register funcom com with a bank card again, it worked but my account is still frozen.

I have an email with an “Order Confirmation Keys Included” from the first failed sub and 2 payements approved for the same month now.

I sent 2 tickets already to the support but nothing happened since 2 days… waiting…


Same problem, and I am also waiting :slight_smile: ZZZ


Same here . What a …


jepp, seems right… same problems. no ansvere on mail, petition or anything else… they just ignore us on rubika… rubika 2019 gets all atention.
thgeyr happy to grab our money, but dont bather if we dont get what we paid for…lame


I just resubbed from an account from 12 years ago. Paid via paypal now have this:

123116892 2019-04-15 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Approved
123116891 2019-04-15 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Pending

No idea why there are 2, as I only did the process once. Account still listed as frozen even though it gave me 60 points for what looks like a resub.

I just want to use what I JUST paid for. Nothing less nothing more.