PC #1037 PvP-C lag and rules breaking


Rules say clearly:

Regarding the building system, although freedom is encouraged through the sandbox mechanics of the game, please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.
  • Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.
  • Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

I’ve checked few servers recently (all pve-c) and saw people breaking those rules pretty much on each. But since i played a bit longer on 1037 i’d like you to look into that one specifically.

E7 - someone came all the way there to place few foundations and walls just to block out 3-skull rhino spawn.
H9, massive base blocking access to boss as well as multiple other areas and resources.
B11, multiple bases that cause lag and block access to resources. (haven’t been there yet, but other players who are on this server longer confirm it)

What sadden me the most that i havent seen this server going 30fps ever. Not even with 10 players on. On average it goes 10-20FPS and all thralls and enemies are rubberbanding whenever they are interacted with.

I don’t know why you don’t force followers limit on such servers but it’s quite discouraging from buying more DLCs if you do nothing about bases that lag whole server even though their creators most of the time dont even play the game anymore (yes, im talking there about those players who log in to server once week just so their base doesn’t disappear…)

We simply need servers wipe every fews months.
And thralls/animals and building pieces limits.
May be later …

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limits definitely, mass wipes? idk, that would be a bit annoying especially for people who just joined, played few days and get wipe rekted. not good experience for sure

I have already propose 3 months wipe every solar solstice (end of march, end of june …) then you know when is the wipe!

It will be a better experience, everyone has a chance, better servers performance, place to build.

No more : massive unraidable bases, vaults full of old duping items, areas covers with foundations, old players who log fews minutes every week to refresh their bases …

You guy need to think about why they don’t wipe from a business aspect. I totally understand from your side why you think the game needs wipes but.

Those people that hop on to refresh are the same ones that are also buying every DLC. When you disrespect the hand that feeds you, you start to starve.

I dont know what FC numbers are but server wipes would push alot of people from playing this game. I already know what your going to say but there will be new players. From a business point of view this game already isnt doing to well. They dont have the luxury of taking a gamble on a new fan base.

But to the OP if FC had a decent sized team of admins the rules would be enforced better. I think its like 1 or 2 people checking emails and then they have to go and do there own research to make sure its legit. Its time consuming im sure. Posting on the forums is not the proper way to get them to look at your issues. You should really be emailing the admins.

Thank you for posting this.

I’ve recently made a similar post and would like to see funcom taking action.