[PC] 24/7 PVP without raiding or roleplay. No consent rules. KOS. "BRUTALITY PVP" [AOC] [EEWA] [300]

Pippi economy. Player vendors. Various quality of life mods. No decay.
New PVP Arena with PVE Arena Challenge quest that pays pippi gold.

Are you tired of having to choose between full raid servers and rp-pvp servers that require consent to pvp or pve-c servers with limited pvp windows?

Brutality is a real 24/7 pvp server with full looting and no consent rules, but there is also no raiding at all, so there is no babysitting your base during raid times or logging in to find you’ve been wiped in an offline raid.

PC- North America (East Coast)

Bump for a great server, come check it out!

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bump. Come check out the new arena.

A fully automated and scripted arena where you can earn pippi gold through facing challenges, or face off against other players.