[PC] 2x Sunfyre Reigns, Age of Calamitous Mod Server

Sunfyre Reigns is a brand new 3x server starting 02/23/2019.

The server’s only, but major, mod is “Age of Calamitous.” This mod features a 5-faction system that changes your character’s look and what he/she/it can access in terms of aesthetics. Each race also gets one or two unique items that then promote a trade/economy. The goal is that the mod also brings fresh content to veteran players.

The hope is to have a much longer term server that has strong RP/PVP gameplay. A lot of servers in today’s Conan like to reset every month or every other month, and this can be discouraging to players who want to form a community and be able to catch up with just casual play. On Sunfyre Reigns, “rules and laws” will be player enforced. This means that the only time you’ll see an admin is when someone is breaking/hacking the game or needs a name change (it is a RP server and XxXPu$$ySlayer69XxX might have a hard time adjusting.)

We want a pure, passionate gameplay experience where anything can happen.

Direct Connect IP:

Age of Calamitous Mod steamcommunity .com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113901982

Discord Link discord .gg/kyJE4Ue