[PC] Are you tired of joining a private server only for it to be shut down a few months later?


Hi Exiles,

If you are sick and tired of joining a private server only to find it gets shut down in a month or two, then your worries are over!

Join us on the Bleurghsworld server. It’s been freshly provisioned (Aug 2018) so there is tons of prime real estate up for grabs. Cruically it also pre-paid for a year and will definitely be renewed in a years time. You can come play and build without worrying that your time and effort will be wasted. The admins are active and online every day so there is support and help if you need it.

Server Name: Bleurghsworld (IP for direct connect:

Basic Server setting:

XP x3
Harvesting x5
Damage x2

All else is pretty much vanilla with the notable exception of crafting speed which has been cranked up to max - I mean who likes waiting around for a week for 1000 wall peices to craft :wink:

It is PvE focussed and with a friendly, casual atmosphere. Light RPer’s are welcome, but if you are looking to go deep into your RP, probably not the right place for you. Gamers from anywhere in EMEA welcome, please just note the text and spoken language is English please - to be as inclusive to as many as possible.

Hope to see some of you there