[pc] att funcom: please help official server #1962 ociana



OCIANA Servers are being DESTROYED by Chinese undermeshers. WE NEED ADMIN SUPPORT ASAP!!

The clan is “123” , They have undermeshed everywhere! They are going to wipe the server!

Everyone on the server has banded together to try and fight them but we have just about lost!

I cannot upload any of my images as evidence as I am a “new user” but our discord is FULL of screenshots.



1974 already got ruined and we tried 2 weeks ago to get admins. So good luck to ya!


As a member on this server, can confirm it’s a big issue right now.

please help, dont let these meshers destroy another server.


Wow! Really? Good to see the admins taking an active role with the community…

I have been putting together Images and sending them off for a short while now, No response but I can see that the issues I have sent are being looked at. The fact I can see that is enough.

They could remove the current accounts but with trolls like these they will just make new accounts and continue, Leaving the devs back at square one.

Collect the evidence and encourage others to make their point without being childish and you may just see results.


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