PC Australian Player Looking for Clan on a Server with NO XP or Harvest Boosts & minimal mods

Hey all :slight_smile: 49YO player on PC who doesn’t know anyone else who plays so ends up playing solo and wiped out by roaming bands of max level thugs who like picking on level 20 hermits living in run down shacks made of twigs and pebbles.

I’m also one of those absolutely bonkers weirdos who actually likes the vanilla XP and gathering rates etc. The only mods I usually like are QOL (especially minimap). I like building, helping friends, co-op PVE, a little PVP here and there (main reason I play PVP is because it drives me nuts not being able to get rid of obviously abandoned thralls and pets that just slow everything down) but never to destroy someone’s love for the game. Love D&D and roleplaying in general. Don’t like servers covered in a thousand other peoples’ semi abandoned boxy crud that prevents building on any of the half reasonable spots.

If you have a server/clan that ticks those boxes for me to join, please let me know. If you’re looking for the same kind of server/clan as me but can’t find one, let me know. Would happily organise a dedicated Aussie server if anyone else interested in an “almost” vanilla server with only intallig… intulij… people wiv smarts on it. Cheers Exiles :slight_smile: