[PC] Brutal Sun - Season 3 - Modded

B r u t a l S u n - S e a s o n 3

Brutal Sun RP-PvP is a server designed to accommodate roleplayers of all levels of experience. For almost 3 years, we have built a roleplaying and server environment intended to allow players to create their own stories, rooted in the traditional Conan lore.

Through our own in-house mod, we seek to provide further immersion and roleplay tools for players, in addition to affording more character choice to players through an established, in-depth role system. Through this system, players can access new items, skills and abilities that are tailored to the background of their characters, be it a petty thief, a Machiavellian sorcerer, or anything in between.

This season sees a continuation of existing personal and server-wide storylines from previous seasons, together with new plotlines centred around the Savage Wilds map. It also includes an overhaul of many mod features, making for systems that, whilst still intertwined with core gameplay, allow for a greater focus to be placed on roleplay.

Server Information
:white_small_square: Dedicated server in the United Kingdom
:white_small_square: Regular roleplay events, with weekly server plot driven events
:white_small_square: Tailored roleplay encounters for personal character stories
:white_small_square: A detailed class role system and actively developed in-house mod, providing additional custom content for players
:white_small_square: 2x gather rate
:white_small_square: No drop on death
:white_small_square: Caravan/warp system for traversing the map
:white_small_square: Max level: 100 (boost to 60 available)
:white_small_square: Starter kits with armour, tools, weapons and building materials

Mod List


Event this weekend

The Rise of the Riders

Event Prelude

The moon loomed in the sky watching over the Savage Wilds. The night was oddly still, the lack of crickets or wildlife created an eerie silence. The “Scholar” as he was once called, leaned over a table illuminated by candlelight. Strewn across it were books and scrolls of foreign and foul magic, chants and incantations, and diagrams that depicted bisected corpses of man and animal. In front of him sat a peculiar object, a metal skull with jeweled eyes fixed atop a large gemstone of some kind. His attention however, was focused on an old tome, bound in some form of rough leather or hide. The spine misshapen and sharp, with an ancient yet complex rune on the cover. The contents of the book would have appeared to be nonsense to the common man, the lettering undecipherable and the images blotted with dark crimson stains. He milled through the pages, his fingers withered and frail, clearly looking for something amongst the madness. The page turning slowed and finally stopped, and through his mask the Scholar flashed a toothy grin. He slowly ran his hands over the page and the obscured picture at the bottom, he quickly grabbed a nearby scroll and unfurled it to compare the contents. A deep laugh filled the air as the Scholar bellowed out in frantic glee, slowly comparing more parchment to the books contents. “I’ve found it…no, WE’VE found it” he said as he looked towards the strange skull. “So many moons searching, and we’ve finally found the last piece.” He moved through the crowded room to a box on the far side, deftly avoiding the crates and barrels full of quizzical materials and reagents. Tapping the box with his boney finger, he muttered a few words under his breath. With a small click, the box latch fell open. He opened the lid to reveal 4 small, equally sized gems. The gems each varied in color and mirrored each other’s shape, that of a small circle with a carefully engraved symbol on each one. Though the symbol was similar, the style was slightly different on each stone. He let out a small laugh, and quickly closed the box once more carrying it over to the book on the table. “Now we must set the scene and find some willing, or unwilling players.” he quipped at the skull, “A ritual site must also be found, one large enough for such a grand undertaking. I’ll have to send out some minions to find a location, something suitable shouldn’t take too long….”
The Scholar swept his cloak and sat down in an old wooden chair, the creaking of the floor matching the sound emanating from his body as he rested.
“Once they’ve returned and are under my command, nothing will stand in my way.”

The Arrival
(Post-Event Story)

There was a brief flash, followed by a wave of darkness illuminated only by sparse candlelight. Eulalio stepped into the room from the rift, looking around before remaining motionless. His thoughts were racing, the thrill of the ritual still sharp in his mind. The adventuring party was unexpected but most definitely not unwelcome. He let out a small cackle hoisting the gemmed skull onto a pedestal.

“The ritual was a success, and their resurrection is assured.” he muttered to the skull “But first we must wait, for the process has taken a toll on this body and I must rest. It will be a short while before they fully regain their forms anyhow.”

He walked across the room and sat in an old wooden chair, letting out a small sigh. Though he was resurrected and felt stronger than ever, such a large ritual put a strain on him making him feel rather weak. He knew if he wanted to face the formidable party that attempted to thwart him, he would need every advantage he could get.

“Perhaps with the help of a few noble sacrifices, we can put something together to keep them…entertained…

Akuba’s Salon added to modlist

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New Dungeon release this weekend