[PC] Calamity Reigns [RPvPvE 18+ AoC]

Prepare yourself! Calamity Reigns is a new Conan Exiles server with a wide variety of mods for players to get involved in and play with! We run both AoC and Professions mod, allowing for a variety of species to play from, as well as more ways to develop your character how you want them!

Development of an overall server story is underway and with plans for a large number of quests to let players get involved and learn the lore, it will also be player driven too! Meaning your actions could have great benefits or dire consequences for the various kingdoms that are establishing within the Exiled Lands. Within each territory, quests will become available for players who decide to align with that group and even some that don’t, resulting in potential rewards that only those who have proven themselves to the leaders of each faction can enjoy!

Harvest/Exp rates 3X Max level 300
Stacksize and unlock plus to make life a little easier!
We offer several different ways to start out your adventure, depending on what you plan to do with your character, as well as offer special class packs to help you on your way!

AoC/Professions/Thrall War and many more to add to your immersion and fun when playing on the server!
Additional dungeons to delve into as well as future dungeons of our own being added, all to further to story that you the player can get involved in.

Steam Connect: steam://connect/


We’ve got a load of new quests on the way for people to enjoy as well as more areas in development to explore which will soon have their own set of quests to follow too!
There is also a daily rewards Thespian for players to talk to who will give you a reward every day you talk to him, which only get better the more times you do it, so don’t miss out!
Come check us out, get involved and create your story!

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With portals now added to get you to both the arena and the market, a wide travel system has now been implemented, helping you get to various places throughout the Exiled Lands! We’ve also added a little incentive for those who come by and get involved on the server, giving you one Thrall of your choice, including Purge and Thrall War (Excluding AoC) and one vanilla pet (Rhino and Elephant excluded)

Currently developing a progressive and in depth territory system, where clans can own their own regions and expand their influence across certain regions of the map, come check it out and create your dominion within the war torn Exiled Lands!

A tea house out in the Savannah has been set up, enjoy shelter from the sweltering heat, observe the beasts that roam and call that place home, perhaps you’ll even find its secret and its true purpose so far from any settlement!

A roaming Thespian can be found out in the land who might just tell you what they know of the place. But it wont be in one spot for long, hunt and find the mystery figure to unlock some hidden activities!

The Thieves Guild has opened! You’ll need to figure out how to join them but once you do, a variety of quests will be opened to you as progress continues. Break into buildings and swipe their jewels, club someone and run off with their goods, this and more in development for you to enjoy as you progress within the ranks of the Guild and follow its story line!

All done through the interaction of NPC’s and items scattered throughout the Exiled Lands.

With development of the Thieves Guild underway for those who follow the Outlaw path, we’re looking at plans for guilds and groups to join depending on what path/class you go for such as; Mystic Guild, Entertainers, Adventurers and a Trading Guild all with their own unique quests and interactions.

We’ll also be implementing a skill level of your certain trade I.E; Lockpicking skills will increase or decrease, depending on the success of your action and down the line, will impact the chance of successfully breaking the locks of high difficulty doors/chests etc.

There will be other skills such as Pick pocketing and sleight of hand, depending on what task you’re given with the intent of adding this type of progression to all classes and relevant skills.

With the Artisan/Traders guild intro almost completed, more classes will soon begin their path along their own dedicated guild! With the the Entertainers coming next! Once all the guilds have their beginnings started, more quests will be gradually implemented over time!
With a steady growing player base, there’s plenty to do and many to do it with!

Having just recently wiped due to a remake of the modlist with the intent of adding and improving the experience and immersion of our players. Three of our guilds have now gotten established introductions for the classes, with more on the way.

A number of dailies have been set up around the world for players to get involved in the relevant stories around them and earn a good amount of coin.

We’ve also got our daily log in set up at the spawning area, so that players can receive daily rewards each time they talk to him and earn themselves a very nice prize at the end of the month if they’ve been persistent!

With guilds back underway! A growing playerbase and quests getting implemented for both server story and that sweet pippi gold, there’s plenty to get up to, explore and learn what’s going on in the world.
The Entertainers Guild is next on the list to construct and design a suitable intro for the three sub routes you may go down!

The Black Keep now as the beginnings of a story line to explore and show players what might be going on within its dark halls ! The dead are rising and at the worst of times now that the Warfront has been shattered! How long until the dead begin to move and make their claim?

The EEWA quest chain is under development! Where you’ll go through a developed story line to earn each section of the arsenal feats, with challenging and arduous tasks to perform for the ones who offer such knowledge!

Come take part and claim your territory, secure the kingdom and rule how you see fit.