PC - Cancel boss & barbarian kick

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private multiplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: | Bug |

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Found out that the locust worldboss north of the black pearl could be beaten by spaming the fist ligth attack with one hand sword, and keep on going until the beast is slay, is that intended ? Also, we are able to push conan with a kick, or by hit with sword, even if he got a super hp bar, we were able to push him from Sepermeru to the Silver Mine, maybe if the future king could defend himself, or was kind of lock on the ground, that would be better

Repro steps: locust boss

  1. light attack, wait a sec, hit again, reproduce
  2. regen stamina sometime, a friend can help

Repro steps: victimise conan
3. kick him, he’s push
4. push him wherever you want

Edit : Added video to show those, conan is after 1.19

Oh, and don’t the worldboss have way too much hp now ?

lol now I wana push him across the map to my base.

could be an interesting pvp game. “capture the conan”

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I killed that locust today, it is one of the “lower” bosses I think, had only my doublegreatsword with me - it just takes time to kill that boss - my health regen was faster than his attacks. Fine for me, there are plenty of harder monster out there :laughing: