[PC] Cannot return armor item to original dye color without dye in inventory

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

If you have a dyed piece of armor and go to the dye screen then select original color, you are unable to hit save to return it to it’s original color. However, if you happen to have a dye of any color in your inventory and hit original color you can hit save.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open dye interface on an armor piece that has already been dyed
  2. Empty inventory > can’t revert
  3. Any dye in inventory > can revert

If you ask me, the bug seem to be that if have a dye in your inventory and hit Original color it reverts to the original undeyed color. It should revert to the color it had before you previewed it with a new color.

Let’s say I have a white shirt. I am previewing it in red, hit original color and revert it to white. But I like the red and chose to actually recolor my shirt. I later find a blue color. I preview it in blue, but nah, not my style, hit original color. It should now revert to red, the color it had before, not white, the original color.

This post isn’t about the preview, it’s about hitting save to revert thus dyeing it. But I agree.