PC clan on official server #1586 looking for players

Hello, While I just started playing this game a few weeks ago I am looking for other players to join me on the official server I am on. Sever I am is an Eastern server in the US with a somewhat friendly population. Add me to discord or just ask for crazy if joining the server. Discord: crazy867#8137

Hello, If willing to changer servers, I was interested in you joining our clan. Let me know if interested. Add me on steam massiah1 (black hat, beard) in picture. We are looking for active players, we are usually on intermittently during the day, but mostly evenings around raid time and heavily on the weekends. The server is really busy and theres plenty of action come raid time. We have infrastructure in place, major things already in place. Laid back mature squad.

Thanks for the offer but atm I dont really want to switch servers. I am however still looking for players to join me on the official server I am on.

im want to join if wa want

Alright just add me to discord or join the server. official #1586. btw this server is an east coast server if anyone is wondering.