(PC )"Close-to-fficial" server

Its a standard Pvp server with no mods. Its admin run but meant to basically be like an official server with less lag. There are a few rules to abide by. 1. No foundation spamming. That means no random ■■■ lines of foundation all over the place or foundation just placed everywhere so people cant build there. I have seen this in the past and it causes a ton of lag. I will be constantly checking for this and destroying all that I see. No blocking of any quest locations or dungeons. You can have a big base but try and maintain it as best as possible so it doesn’t cause too much lag. If its a problem I will warn you to fix it. If I do have to destroy anything you will be given back the material and anything you may have lost.

That being said if your looking for a fresh start try us out. There is 50 slots open and not a lot of people playing ATM so most of the land is yours for the taking. Enjoy.