[PC] Cove of Exiles [10/11][2xH][3xXP] discord.me/ccove

Wiped Oct 11, 2018 for the Pet expansion, Candelight Cove hosts a purist, unmodded Conan Exiles experience. Although Harvest rates are 2x and Exp gains 3x to help returning players catch up, the server feels like official, having the hard work and rewarding end-game experiences that vanilla offers. Expedient and quick to respond on the Discord server, the in-game server hosts an “invisible” staff: you won’t see admins going into God-mode unless fixing an issue, because they are part of the active player-base and enjoy playing the game as much as you do.

One thing a new player will notice is that raid times are weekend specific. This allows casual and more dedicated players to have a chance to gear up and prepare for known war times. PvP is strongly encouraged at all times, even on weekdays, with the only rule of “no griefing.” Your PvP demolitions on the weekend should be to “get in,” not to level the entire fortress.

With a great, ever-growing community at Rank 40 on server tracking websites, active staff will be happy to help you along each step of the way. Please join us on our well-established community on discord of over 1,000 members by typing [discord .me/ccove] into a URL to receive the invite, thank you.