[PC] Crashes or screen-hangs on enormous inventory dumps while sorting

Platform: PC

Server: Smith & Forge (private server)

Description: The disparity between infinite on-character inventory size and container inventory size means that if you’re loaded with loot post-raid you may have severe lag while trying to put all that stuff away. Leaving your bench or inventory’s sorting function on named/weight will cause the transfer of items be sorted in a specific order, which seems to correlate with excessively long inventory load times and/or client crashes.

Workarounds: Set both the bench and your inventory to Custom. You may also avoid putting too many items into inventory or containers at once.

Adding some more info.
Other than having huge lags, you can have cases where you simply crash.
Something like the following can happen.

Too many items?
If you find yourself having too many items, you will crash and will be unable to get into the game. Because on loading into the game, it will then again notice your character has too many items. Before actually beeing in the game, you will already disconnect.

During loading (into the game server) you can access the console(insert key), and if i remember correctly you can suicide by typing: “Suicide”.
This workaround may not be what you want, but it may be what you need.

I think the key moment to do this, would be when it says loading character. However when i have run into this problem, i took the “spamm-mans” aproach and repetedly typed it.
You will be dead and lose all your items, but at least you can play on the server you were enjoying the game, once more.

(google search results: Conan exiles: Too many items crash cant login)