(PC) Darksun - Underworld (hard survival, guild/group play)

Darksun has made it’s return under Darksun - Underworld. I launched this server previously but ran into several stability issues and mod compatibility problems. Since then Funcom has fixed server side stability which helped server hosts provide a more stable environment.

Darksun - Underworld is a harsh land with scarce resources. Monsters are more difficult and resource gathering is low. This is not a server that follows the typical make life easier path that most servers choose. Chances are you will not survive here. The exiled lands are meant to be hard.

Think about your game play in Conan, why you get bored? I can have everything in 2 weeks of casual play on Official servers. There is no adventure. I have a character on Official server and I hardly ever play him. He has everything and there is no reason to leave my castle wall.

On Darksun, adventuring for materials is more profitable than harvesting it. You will only gather 1 item per swing no matter what tool you need. So taking it from monsters or chests is for more efficient. This promotes adventure rather than smashing a stone or tree for hours.

There are several notable mods to make things more interesting. The underworld is a dangerous cave system that covers the entire map. Two new dungeons are available for group play, The Forsaken Tomb and The Ruins of Acheron. Bring friends and provisions if you want to succeed.

There is no camera shake and further camera zoom. Unpredictable sandstorms with snowstorms in the north.

CONQUEST MAP - The map system is separated into kingdoms. If you or your clan claims a kingdom you will have building rights to the entire territory.


This server supports role playing and pvp without building damage. You are free to fight but building damage is turned off. Resources and monsters are on a slow re spawn timer so defending your claim to them can be important. Either with diplomacy or force.

Come claim a piece of land and rule anyway you see fit.

*There is ZERO admin interference here unless you violate the only rule about building. You cannot build in a claimed territory, you cannot block off a point of interest and you cannot box someone in. In those instances a admin will simply remove the structure and life will carry on as normal.

Server name - Darksun - Underworld.
Direct Connect -
Discord - https://discord.gg/VWqsZ4

The Fallen Lords have claimed territory Q12.

Still running smooth. Very pleased at Funcom.