(PC) [DE/UK] ELSINGLAND [RP-PvP] E1.8x/H2.8x W18.5 -- English

Hello everyone!

I am the Sp1eLmaNn and we - the v3F - are now providing the single most awesome Conan Exiles Server to ever see the light of dawn.

I’d like to introduce you to the “Elsingland”. We are a RP-PvP community with increased XP and harvesting rates. The XP rate is 1.8x and the harvesting rate is 2.8x. To ensure a seamless experience for our players, we adjusted the idle-XP as well as the collecting-XP rates to a minimum. Wouldn’t want the game to be too easy now, would we?

Purges are part of our server environment as well. To ensure that there are enough people to defend, there must be 12 players online for releasing a purge. If enough players are online they’ll trigger three times a day – with level 6

Avatars are enabled too but there are a few restrictions in place. Avatars can only be called on weekdays between 3:00-7:00PM and on weekends between 2:00-8:00PM.

We are an RP server, which is why we have tried to balance the day and night cycle as realistically as possible, which means we have long nights and long days.

Naturally, since we’re a PVP community too, all PVP-things are enabled. You can raid, destroy player buildings and even defile their women (lol). There’s a time constriction in place though – On weekdays the ‘plunder-time’ is 3:00-7:00PM and on weekends it’s 2:00-8:00PM. Enjoy your early weekend raids!

Let’s get to the fun part - The Server Rules

As with real-life, respect goes a long way. Be respectful of other people, don’t be a dick (without a reason) and don’t grief or raid people until they’re just a shivering husk (Remember, everything in moderation.). But most importantly: You’ll reap what you sow, so play fair and other will follow suit.

And as always:

  • Faking administrative powers is a no-go and you will be exiled.
  • Blocking of passages that lead into other areas is forbidden and you will be exiled.
  • The Obtaining of advantageous that are not implemented in the Game (Cheating/Hacking) will be punished with an exile

No mods are installed.

If any of the above caught your attention, don’t hesitate and check us out.

All of this is not final and may be changed at a later date.Feedback and criticism is always welcome, so tell us what you think!

Server Data:
Name: [DE/UK] ELSINGLAND [RP-PvP] E1.8x/H2.8x W18.5
Restart: Daily @ 3:00AM