[PC] Dedicated servers from another country not shows up in the list

Hey there,
I have a server in US, but the server is for Brazil , and He doesnt shows up in the list. Neither after a long time. I know other 2 brasilians servers as well (one in Miami, and other in Canada), and they have same problem. We all need to come in by “Direct IP” in the first time.
I would like to know the reason behind this. Because I can see in the list many other servers from USA and Canada in the list, so it could be config or something.
Thank you.

Hey. Same problem here, and I think he might have mentioned our server, which is hosted in Miami. It’s made for brazilians, and I am pretty sure it’s not even from the same company that tjvargas rented. So if it’s not a Host problem, what could it be?
It’s really importante for us that our servers appears on the list, otherwise how could we attract player? Both of our servers are working with facebook publicity, which is a very poor method to get more players. So please, we need a solution, or at least an explanation.

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