[PC] Deviants 💔 [PvP/18+/RP/No gods] (Raid restrict time) g-portal.com

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Hello! We are 5 people at age 20-30 who would like to be surrounded with more clans in our server. There will be 20 min period each week with a trading market, where its possible to bring something you want to trade for something else.

Server name: Deviants [PvP/18+/RP/No gods] (Raid restrict time) g-portal.com
PvP: 24/7
Location: Norway, Oslo
Building Damage: Weekdays 19:00-21:00 / Weekends 18:00-04:00
Max Clan size: 6

  • no server password
  • Items will be dropped on death, anyone can loot.
  • Player bodies remain in the world.
  • no mods
  • no admin cheats

Direct connect:

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Come one, come all. New or old, we want YOU!

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