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I have noticed videos of people building with items I am assuming is only on PC version…will those same building pieces be available on PS4 soon? Such as the glass windows, curved staircases, glass roofs…etc…

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They’re only on PC because they’re from mods, I’m afraid. So they won’t come to PS4 any more than they will come to Xbox or official servers on PC.


If us modders could give you access to our stuff on consoles, im certain many of us would.


The issue lies with Sony for this, due to the restriction they place on mods, which is why so few games have them on PS4. Sony will only allow mods on games on their systems so long as the mods use no external assets, meaning in-game assets only, unsure if this would count the dev kit PC modders have access to.

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Dev kit is through UE4. I assume you mean Sony won’t allow players to make their own 3d models and import them into the dev kit to be imported into the game, which is what we do for PC now.

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Exactly, if the assets used for the mod don’t already exist within the game’s files, they can’t be used for mods on PS4, which sounds like any mods made using the dev kit would not be permitted by Sony’s rules on modding.

Maybe simple things like my tier 4 thrall mods, which justs edits existing data tables by changing some numbers around. But unique content mods that add new 3D models, ya not so much.

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