(PC) DRAGONGATE RP focused Text based AoC Modded 3x gather/XP, no DoD

The Dragongate (PC | NA & EU) is a small, established private server that is looking to expand. We’re seeking a few friendly players to beta test our revamped server in preparation for our larger opening in mid February. Get in now while the map is wide open.

Our carefully curated modlist is specced for rp. We have fantastic mods, quests, and lore based on decades of dungeon mastering from our server admin team. Our unique and rich server structure allows for characters to come from any world to co-exist and build story-based rp together. PvP is active but not stressed, our strength is the desire to build co operative stories together in this immersive and fantastic world.

Come check us out!
Discord invite code: GgETH4c
to get whitelisted