[PC]Dusk til Dawn-Mature 21+ (5xXP)

:crossed_swords: Welcome to Dusk Til Dawn! :crossed_swords:

Greetings exiles,

Welcome to the Dusk Til Dawn forum post!

We are a PvE, Light RP server that was brought online about a month back, where we spent that time working tirelessly to prepare content for launch, and we’re excited to announce that day has finally arrived. We have quite a lot of immersive content to offer and so much more to expand upon as we grow, including but not limited to:

:dagger:PvE Arena
:dagger:Multi-Level Currency System
:dagger:Unique Welcome Room
:dagger:Lore-friendly Quests & Dungeons (continued work in progress)
:dagger:Many, Heavy, but Immersive mods that alter the vanilla Conan Exiles experience and add more balance.

:crossed_swords: Server Rules:

While we would love to implement this automatically, this is not an option with the game’s current settings. Please be aware that our rules are not meant to stop you from having fun! They are meant to give everyone the same opportunity to have fun and keep the server as open as possible.

:diamonds: Dusk til Dawn is a mature server, make sure you are over 21 yrs old.
:small_blue_diamond: There is to be no hate speech, racism, bigotry, or harassment of any kind.
:small_blue_diamond: Get in a clan by level 25, either join one or make one.
:small_blue_diamond: No stealing unless specifically posted for that area.
:small_blue_diamond: Upgrade your buildings out of sandstone, you have 10 days before removal.
:small_blue_diamond: Never use more than 12 foundations, you may want to reserve these for gates.
:small_blue_diamond: Limit of one wheel, one stable, and one pen per clan. Must be in or close to the base.
:small_blue_diamond: Keep structure size within 20 wide, X 20 deep, X 10 high. Ask for any bigger.
:small_blue_diamond: Do not block boss spawns, build in front of entrances or paths like New Asagarth.
:small_blue_diamond: If you want to build close (within 40 foundations) to someone else, ask them first.
:small_blue_diamond: No map rooms. There is one at the Welcome area.
:small_blue_diamond: 1 fishing platform, and 10 fish traps in any combination. eg; 5 fish and 5 shellfish.
:small_blue_diamond: No spamming work stations. You don’t need 10 smelters and 10 presses.
:small_blue_diamond: 20 thralls/pet/mounts total, in any combination. Station thralls are not counted.

:crossed_swords: Direct Connect:
(Make sure ‘Servers with Mods’ selection is turned on if you can’t find the server!)

:crossed_swords: Server Stats:

Harvest: 5x
EXP: 5x
Clan Size: 6
Item Durability Damage: 0.2x
Crafting Speed: 0.2x
Thrall Crafting Speed: 0.1x
Idle Hunger/Thirst Modifier: 0.1x
Gods: On
Logged out characters do not remain in the world
Items NOT dropped on death, and note lootable.
Timezone/Location: US - Central - CST
Restart: 12 AM CST Daily
Player Limit: 20 (Will increase with population and activity!)

:crossed_swords: Mod List:

As a preface, I would like to state that we very strictly chose mods that WE ENJOY and many of them may alter the core Conan Exiles experience. Mods listed here only add nice-to-have features, like a minimap, and the ability to wear whatever gear you would like while showing a set you may prefer more, visually. Aside from that, there are a few placeables mods that simply add decoration options for you. Our goal is to improve the immersive feel of the world and provide quality of life improvements. Now, without further adieu:

Exiled lands improved
Unlock plus
Litman item stack and container size
Tier 4 thralls (mild increase)
Better thralls
Improved quality of life
Less building placement restrictions
Aquilonian females
Exposed armor
Bikini armor
Conspirator Armor
Conan sexiles
Exiles extreme
Kerozard’s (multigun)
Stone statues
Glass construction and more
Endgame extended weapon arsenal
Savage steel
Savage steel vol 2
Dudes delightful decorations
Exiled lands placeables
RP aesthetics
Age of calamitous
Shadows of Skelos extended
Shadows of Skelos vol 2
Thrall war dungeon mod
Dungeon master tools
Warrior mutator

:crossed_swords: Discord:

:crossed_swords: Final Notes:

First off, shoutout to @Arkathos for the post template. Very much appreciated.

Finally, we will be updating this forum post as more features are added to the server. We are excited for the day that several players will call our server their home, so we encourage you to join us as we are in our early stages of life. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in Dusk Til Dawn!

Still Open and welcoming new members! Come check out our server and become a part of our community.

We are still open and welcoming new members! Come check out our server and become a part of our community.