[PC] Eadem (An Rp/PVP server) 3x gather, 2x exp. Fresh Start 05/11/2018

Hey guys!

My clan and I got massively griefed (wasn’t just a raid) by some admins on an RP server, and decided it was high time to make an awesome RP/PVP server!

We’re looking for players of all kinds, but want to make the experience a little more immersive and more player friendly. We -refuse- to use an admin panel to spawn hundreds of explosives to prove a point. Everyone is welcome (Open/no password).

Capacity is 40 people (number can go up depending on player numbers). We plan on having events like bonus exp and bonus gather and many more!

PVP Time is unrestricted, building damage is restricted from 5pm-2am PST.

IP is

Feel free to pop by our discord located in our server message :).

TLDR; Rules! Just a quick overview of some rules, a more in depth list in the server message_^

There are a couple of safe points for casual players in the rules list. Basically, south of the noob river.

Raiding encouraged, griefing is not.

Please don’t attack player bases while they’re offline.

We want pandemonium and peace, but who gets what is up to you!