(PC) Elements wanted in a RP PvE server?

Hi All,

Going to be doing a server again, but on PC now not PS4, and wanted to get the CE community feedback on what they like in a RP PvE server (unrestricted PvP will be there, just on weekends). And also share some of my own thoughts.

With regard to doing an ongoing server wide storyline on an RP server, as a former Neverwinter Nights DM, I find that the admin work to player payout here for what as a game experience Conan Exiles offers (in terms of admin and player tools) it just doesn’t need that sort of structure to support immersive roleplay. In experience, I would see adding such a structure as being more ‘railroading’ than immersive building in the end.

On the flip side, would highly encourage the players to always respect the setting as a character in its own right. Which would mean reading the Robert E. Howard Hyborian Age stories, especially the essays he did for himself to have a consistent setting to write in. Even unfinished stories, or alternate drafts, can provide a lot of understanding of the setting. For example, ‘Beyond The Black River’ was published and is the go to story for understanding the Picts. But both unfinished drafts of ‘Wolves Beyond the Border’, a Hyborian Age story with no Conan to be seen, provides substantial insight into Howard’s ideas for who and what the Picts are as well.

Events however would say are another matter to a monolithic server storyline. Independent events are good for an RP server, especially if they are done with the specific intention of allowing the players to hash out what actually happens beyond the basic premises of them.

CE is an adult game, mature roleplay between consenting adults is their own business. As long as it isn’t infringing on another’s experience, it is fine with me.