[PC] [EU] [+18] Official PVP LFM Players


Hello there im currently looking to add 1-2 players to our clan of 4 players.

We are well established on an official pvp server and we are all level 50+

We are looking for like minded players to us… easy going team players who are active and know how to work well with others.

We use Discord to communicate so feel free to either add me on there or on Steam, or if you have any further questions ill be happy to answer them!



Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083394543/

Discord - SuperFresh#5642

Currently in the process to join a new official pvp server as our last wasnt great with uptime.

We are currently 3 members and still looking to add 1-2 more.

Now would be the perfect time to get in touch over joining as we will be restarting

Still hoping to add more easy going players to our group.

Still 3 players at the moment, hoping to add 1-2 to complete the group.

Hey man! I sent you a friend request on Discord :slight_smile:

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